The main motivation that led the founder of Rubicon Corporate Engineering SA has been to open the possibility of offering its customers a personalized quality service regardless of their size and volume. Too often family businesses fail to get a quality service at a proper price.

Our team is composed of specialists in Spanish, Luxembourgish and international tax law.
As a newly formed company, we want to keep a human dimension in an environment that is becoming less and less concerned.
We want to provide our customers the expertise and experience of our partners and employees who all have over 10 years of experience as lawyers or bank jurists and fiduciaries.
We will make every effort to make our name a synonymous of quality.

Our goal is to assist our customers in the long term, in a continuous and comprehensive manner.
We do not intend to deal with dossiers but to take care of customers that we personally know.
Our goal is not to sell products but to offer solutions tailored to the customer needs.